Our Menus

After the Easter holidays, there will be a new, 3 weekly, rotating menu for Summer 2019 term. 

Dolce Summer 2019 Menu – TRADITIONAL


Dolce Catering are our school lunch providers.  When starting at school, an account with be created for you.

Dolce use an in-house online payment system called Live Kitchen.  You will be sent a link via email to allow you to activate your account.

During the activation and set up process, there is an opportunity for you to note any Food Allergies your child has.  This will remove the appropriate meal from your selection options.

Special Menus

Special Theme Day Menus are created to celebrate particular occasions, such as Eat with Your Child, World Book Day, Christmas and International Days. Children can choose to have a Special Theme Dinner, even if they do not usually have school dinners.  Separate communications will be sent out prior to any event.


The cost per day for School Dinners is £2.30, which must be paid in advance on Live Kitchen.

Packed Lunches

If your child does not want to participate in School Dinners, they will be accommodated in the school hall to eat their packed lunch with the other children.  Please send your child in with a named lunch box containing healthy food and drink.


From September 2018 school will not be providing snacks (with the exception of Reception as discussed at the open evening). Please send your child with a small healthy snack, as break time is not too long before lunch time.

A reminder that school is Nut Free, so please do not send children in with any nut products or cereal bars.

Food hygiene rating