“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord”

– Colossians 3:23

Going to High School

Scary But Enjoyable!

Going to high school can be a scary prospect, but all past Lower Peover pupils will tell you what an enjoyable experience it is! We are very lucky to have a range of fantastic school’s in our local area, Holmes Chapel Comprehensive is our main feeder high school, but there are many other equally fantastic schools. Below are their contact details should you wish to contact them.

We decided in Year 6 to think of some questions that we and other children might want to ask pupils who have already made the big move to high school! These were some of the questions that we asked including the responses.

Questions You Wanted Answered

How do you know what lessons you have each day?

You get given a timetable when you start year 7, this shows you what subjects you have, who your teacher is and which classrooms you need to go to. The timetable shows you which lessons you have in week 1 and week 2. You begin the term in week 1, followed by week 2, then you revert back to the lessons in week 1 and so on. You can also check your timetable by going on the VLE which gives you access to your personal files and homework on the computer. If you loose your timetable you can get a new one from the school office for 20p. You are also given a homework planner which you have to take in every day. You could stick a copy of your timetable in your planner, this ensures you have it with you every day. If you lose your planner a new one is available for £1 from the school office.

Does the homework go up dramatically?

In the beginning there seems to be loads of homework. Then it kind of slows down. However recently there have been lots of assignments to complete and the hand in date has been the same day. Teachers don’t know what homework you are getting for other subjects so sometimes you may have loads of work to complete for the same day for different teachers. The best way to tackle it is to do the homework as soon as it is set although this can seem painful when all you want to do is go on the Xbox!!! If there is loads of homework due in at the same time it is best to plan what work you are going to do every night after school.

Is there a lot of bullying and how is it dealt with?

There is not that much bullying. If there is you tell the Head of House in student services and they call the classroom tutor who sends the bully to the Head of House. They then have to explain themselves!

How many lessons are there in a day?

There are four lessons a day, and a 30 minute tutor time. During tutor time, the tutor talks about your positives and behaviour points( these are like house points and negative behaviour points) and also reads out the bulletin which contains news about after school clubs etc. On Monday, week 1, there is a Year 7 assembly, which takes place during tutor time. In week 2 there is also house assembly. On Fridays, there is no tutor time, as the school ends at 3:00.

What time do you start and finish school?

Monday – Thursday – school starts at 8:45 and you have to be in lessons by 8:50. School ends at 3:30. Friday – school starts at 8:45 and ends at 3:00.

How many P.E. lessons do we get a week?

There are 4 x P.E. Lessons every 2 weeks. Presently, I have one P.E. lesson in week 1 and three P.E. lessons in week 2.

If you have a brother or a sister in a house are you in the same house?

They try to keep siblings in the same house.

Are the teachers nice?

Some are really nice, some are a bit strict. In the beginning they were stricter.

Do you get put in different classes for different subjects?


Do you have a head girl and head boy?


Do you get to go abroad on school trips?

Yes. For example if your choose music as a subject in the alternative learning week 2013, you get to go to Italy.

Do you have a library?

Yes we do. As well as books there are 20 computers in the library which are free to use during break. You can also play chess or draughts in the library. You do not need a library pass at break in the morning, however if you want to use the library that lunchtime make sure you get a one day library pass from Miss Sinclaire during break that morning. If you want to use the computers at lunch time in the library you need to book your timeslot on the booking form at break in the morning.

Do you get lost?

You get a tour round the school which helps you to remember the classrooms. You can also get a map from the school office which is helpful. If you do get lost during the first two weeks and you are a few minutes late for lessons the teachers are ok about. Very quickly you know where everything is and you can help others to find their way. If you are lost always ask a sixth former or teacher.

How are sports teams picked?

Sports teams such as rugby are picked via a trial out.

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