Foundation Governor – Mr Harry Kennedy


I have been a governor of the school since 2001. I am now in my third term of office as a Foundation Governor appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education. In this capacity I am expected and strive to ensure that the special character of our Church of England school is maintained; that links with St. Oswald’s Church are developed and that, in all fields, whether it be our admissions policy or the appointment of staff, Christian values are upheld. That our children are learning in a loving and caring environment is, I believe, of paramount importance.

I have served on various committees but generally, because of my background as a practicing architect, on one concerned with the bricks and mortar of the school, currently the Finance, Building and Staffing committee.

As one well past retirement age I observe new technology with some astonishment and, without being literate in this field, and am delighted to see the progress that our very young children are making in Information Technology. But it’s good to know that the basics are also being properly taught and in ways that capture the children’s attention and encourage them to learn.

I have watched our school improve over the years with real pride and I know that our position as an outstanding school is due entirely to the hard work and dedication of our Headmistress, Staff and Governors.

Off duty, my delight is to walk the hills. I write – anything and everything from musicals to melodramas via poe.


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