Mrs Elizabeth Broadbent – (SENDCo & Pastoral Lead)


Attainment, Progress, Wellbeing

This role involves:

  • Early identification of SEND needs for learning, social and emotional, physical and sensory and communication. We use the process of ‘assess, plan, do, review’ to identify children’s needs, how we can support, identify what is working well and what may need to be changed in order that our pupils can make progress, achieve expectations and are happy and confident children
  • Supporting children’s Wellbeing, Mental Health and Self Esteem through Personal, Social and Health Education Programme of Study. As well as promoting Staff Awareness of Mental Health Needs of Children and providing a range of support systems, including referrals in order to support children and families.
  • Safeguarding children so that action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

Ensuring children:

  • Make progress and achieve
  • Are happy
  • Have positive self-esteem
  • Have positive Mental Health
  • Are Protected and Safe

I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team and Literacy  Team and am the Teaching Representative on the Governing Body.


From an early age, I have always loved school and school life. I have love of learning – I was a book worm!  As an adult I love to have new experiences, travel, read and explore.  I enjoy spending my time with children and want to develop their love of learning, interest in the wider world and develop the many ways in which they can express themselves through numeracy, literacy and creative arts,  and develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.

Teaching Career

I have been teaching for over 15 years, initially in upper key stage 2. At Lower Peover I have taught  year 2, year 5 and then across all age ranges, teaching English, RE, Science, ICT and Art.  I currently work in Year 6 teaching RE and Literacy..  In my teaching career, I started at Little Leigh Primary School, teaching in Years 5 and 6.  I have held the position of Literacy Lead, RE Lead, Key Stage Lead and Deputy Headteacher.  I work directly with children either in class,  small group or 1:1.  In 2013 I completed my PGCE in Special Educational Needs, to enhance my role of SENDCO and Pastoral Lead. I have been very privileged to work in Creative and Inspirational Schools and continue to develop my passion for learning alongside the children at Lower Peover School.

Why I teach?

I have always enjoyed school and school life and spending time with children.  I want to share and develop children’s  love of learning, and provide opportunities for children to develop strong self esteem, life long friendships and memories to last a lifetime. I also wish to ensure that all children achieve their potential. I love being part of the school and wider community.


I love travelling, anything to do with theatre and dance and participates in dance myself as well as being a keen runner. I enjoy park runs at Delamere and Tatton and will be offering a dance club at school. I have always been a book worm and love being part of a book club, reading and talking about books with adults and children alike.

Something you don’t know about me!

I have an identical twin, a doppelganger!

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