“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord”

– Colossians 3:23

Weekly Newsletter – Friday 18th January 2019

Christingle Service- Wednesday 23rd January Key Stage 1 at 2pm and Key Stage 2 at 6pm

This is a very popular event in the school calendar.  During the church service we ask the children to make a donation for the Church of England Children’s Society. If you wish to donate, please send in your donation in an envelope. In return, the children will receive a lighted candle during the service.  The beautiful church illuminated by candles is a memorable sight.

We invite everyone to come along and enjoy this service and due to the number of children on roll we will have to hold the service twice, at 2pm and 6pm.  You are invited to come along to the service at which YOUR CHILD will receive a Christingle. Please only come to one service UNLESS you have a child in the juniors and the infants.

The children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 need not return to school for the evening service.  It may be that you have to bring them along with you to the 6pm service as they have an older brother or sister in the juniors.  If they do return children need to sit with their class teacher.

Please ensure the children wear winter school uniform, a shirt with a tie (not polo shirts please), and without a sweatshirt. If necessary, they should wear something warm under their blouse/shirt. School will be open from 5.45pm when class teachers arrive to supervise the children in the classrooms.

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to make the Christingles, we are still short of a couple of volunteers to make the Christingles. If you can help please come to school on Wednesday morning- they will be being made in the cookery room. Thank you.

Air Ambulance

Following an accident during a PE lesson on Tuesday, school had to contact the emergency services which resulted in the attendance of the air ambulance. We were relieved that both children did not require the use of the air ambulance specifically and made their way to hospital via land ambulance and parent collection.  However, we would like to raise funds for the North West Air Ambulance Service as we appreciate the cost involved for the helicopter just attending school. Therefore, we will be holding a non-uniform day on Thursday 24th January and we ask for a minimum donation of £2 per child.  The staff will also be making a contribution.  We thank you in advance for your support of this event.

REMINDER: Bags2School – Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Bags2School is a company that specialises in good quality second clothing that can be reused. These bags will be collected from school at 9am on Tuesday 22nd January 2019. All bags are weighed, and money is donated to the school fund. Thank you to the parents who have already dropped off bags.


As it is the time of year when we receive applications for holiday leave I have copied the legislation concerning absences and fixed penalty notices. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to come and see me.   This information is also detailed on our website.

Every minute counts

5 minutes late each day = 3 days lost

15 minutes late each day = 10 days lost

30 minutes late each day = 19 days lost

17 days lost = 1 level less than a child’s capabilities

Absence – Fixed Penalty Notice Information

At least 10 sessions (five school days) lost due to unauthorised absence during the current term. These do not need to be consecutive.

Persistent late arrival at school, i.e. after the register has closed at 9.10 am, in the current term. “Persistent” means at least 10 sessions of late arrival.


The presence of an excluded child in a public place at any time during school hours in that child’s first five days of exclusion. An “excluded child” is one who has been excluded from school for a given period under the Education and Inspection Act 2006.

The amount of the penalty is £60 per parent/carer per child if paid within 21 days. If the payment is after 21 days but within a maximum 28 days, the penalty payment is £120 per parent/carer. If the fixed penalty notice remains unpaid, the file is passed to the Authorities Legal Services and the parent/carer could get prosecuted in the Magistrates Court.

Exceptional Circumstances for Authorised Leave of Absence

We are often asked what are ‘exceptional circumstances’ for authorising leave of absence. Please see the guidance below.

The decision to authorise absence is at the head teacher’s discretion based on their assessment of the situation. Circumstances vary from school to school and so there can be no absolute rules on this subject.

Term times are for education. This is the priority. Children and families have 175 days off school to spend time together, including weekends and school holidays. Heads will rightly prioritise attendance. The default school policy should be that absences will not be granted during term time and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

If an event can reasonably be scheduled outside of term time, then it would not be normal to authorise absence. Absence during term time for holidays/vacations is therefore not considered an exceptional circumstance.

Absences to visit family members are also not normally granted during term time if they could be scheduled for holiday periods or outside school hours. Children may however need time to visit seriously ill relatives.

Absence for a bereavement of a close family member is usually considered an exceptional circumstance but for the funeral service only, not extended leave.

Absences for important religious observances are often taken into account but only for the ceremony and travelling time, not extended leave. This is intended for one off situations rather than regular or recurring events.

Schools may wish to take the needs of the families of service personnel into account if they are returning from long operational tours that prevent contact during scheduled holiday time.

Schools have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for students with special educational needs or disabilities.

Families may need time together to recover from trauma or crisis.

Official forms are available on the school website or from the office for completion for holiday and exceptional circumstances absence requests.  All requests must be submitted via the official form and not by email or verbally please.


Happy New Year from FLPS!  You will all hopefully have seen the list of FLPS events which has been circulated.  We have lots coming up and we thank you all for your continued support.  Please note that the Christmas fair will be held in the morning of Saturday 30 November rather than the usual Friday evening.


The Quiz night is fast approaching on Thursday 7 February at 7.30pm.  Please support this event which promises to be a really fun night.  Tickets cost £10 per person and include an amazing curry dinner mid-way through the quiz.  Tickets are now available to purchase through ParentPay.  Teams should be no more than 6 people and the team details should be emailed to FLPS on flpscommittee@gmail.com

Dojo Winners

Daley: 1st with 533 points

Peake: 2nd with 526 points

Malala: 3rd with 464 points

Rowling:4th with 456 points


The winner this week is:  Year 1 with 99.33 %

Reception: 93.33%

Year 3: 96.90%

Year 4: 98.44%

Year 5:  97.86%

Year 6: 97.41%

As this is the 4th time Year 1 have won the attendance certificate, they have been awarded with a non-uniform day on Friday 25thJanuary.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sharon Dean


Dates for Spring Term:

  • Tuesday 22nd January: 9am Bags2school collected
  • Wednesday 23rd January: Christingle 2pm Key Stage 1, 6pm Key Stage 2
  • Thursday 24th January: Whole School non-uniform day for NW Air Ambulance Service fundraising
  • Friday 25th January: non-uniform for Year 1
  • Thursday 31st January: Year 4 Viking experience in school / Year 3 Prehistoric day
  • Wednesday 6th February: Year 2 parents invited for lunch
  • Wednesday 13th February: Choir to the ‘Young Voices’ concert
  • Friday 15th February: Break up for half term.

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