“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord”

– Colossians 3:23



Every minute counts

5 minutes late each day = 3 days lost

15 minutes late each day = 10 days lost

30 minutes late each day = 19 days lost

17 days lost = 1 level less than a child’s capabilities

 Attendance affects learning

Attendance affects future outcomes

Attendance affects wellbeing and a sense of belonging.

Absence – Fixed Penalty Notice Information

From September 1st 2017, the Local Authority reinstated fixed penalty notices.

The amount of the penalty is £60 per parent/carer per child if paid within 21 days.

If the payment is after 21 days but within a maximum 28 days, the penalty payment is £120 per parent/carer.

If the fixed penalty notice remains unpaid, the file is passed to the Authorities Legal Services and the parent/carer could get prosecuted in the Magistrates Court.

Please note: Lower Peover CofE Primary School does not benefit from any payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice.

School has discretionary power to grant leave of absence for a family holiday or visit overseas but you should not, however, expect such leave to be granted as of right.

Permission will not be given if:

  • It is applied for after the visit or holiday has taken place.
  • It is felt that it would be detrimental to your child’s educational progress
  • It coincides with the period of Standard Assessment Tests (SATS)
  • More than ten school days leave is requested in any school year

By Law the school must collect and report details of absences as attendance is a performance indicator. Further information is available from the school.

Exceptional Circumstances for Authorised Leave of Absence

We are often asked what are ‘exceptional circumstances’ for authorising leave of absence. Please see the guidance below.

  • The decision to authorise absence is at the head teacher’s discretion based on their assessment of the situation. Circumstances vary from school to school and so there can be no absolute rules on this subject.
  • Term times are for education. This is the priority. Children and families have 175 days off school to spend time together, including weekends and school holidays. Heads will rightly prioritise attendance. The default school policy should be that absences will not be granted during term time and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.
  • If an event can reasonably be scheduled outside of term time then it would not be normal to authorise absence.
  • Absence during term time for holidays/vacations is therefore not considered an exceptional circumstance.
  • Absences to visit family members are also not normally granted during term time if they could be scheduled for holiday periods or outside school hours. Children may however need time to visit seriously ill relatives.
  • Absence for a bereavement of a close family member is usually considered an exceptional circumstance but for the funeral service only, not extended leave.
  • Absences for important religious observances are often taken into account but only for the ceremony and travelling time, not extended leave. This is intended for one off situations rather than regular or recurring events.
  • Schools may wish to take the needs of the families of service personnel into account if they are returning from long operational tours that prevent contact during scheduled holiday time.
  • Schools have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for students with special educational needs or disabilities.
  • Families may need time together to recover from trauma or crisis.

Official forms are available at the office and below for completion for holiday and exceptional circumstances absence requests.  All requests must be submitted via the official form and not by email or verbally please.


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