“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord”

– Colossians 3:23



We believe that every child has the right to access music and become musically literate. Not only does this best equip pupils for learning an instrument, but enables every child to read, write and understand music as a language. This life long skill is central to giving performances of the highest standard, writing well informed and carefully crafted compositions and enjoying music as a listener with all of the perception and appreciation of a professional musician.


We build musical literacy through carefully planned out singing games and activities which work cumulatively to allow all children to progress logically and systematically from the simple to the complex. As singing is an internal skill, we are using our own voice to experience and understand the interrelated dimensions of music whilst also practising good quality singing at every stage.


Like ‘silent reading’ of a story, children are taught the skills necessary to read sheet music silently but hear the song playing in their head. Conversely, children are taught how to notate songs that they’ve learnt by rote, or heard on the radio.


As a singing school, everything we do is based on the singing voice, with a strong emphasis on performance and tradition. Through regular performances in our Church and Plumley Village Hall, we provide opportunities for children to grow their confidence and self esteem in a supportive environment whilst studying stage-craft, projection and self discipline. The results of this shine through as pupils leave school as confident public speakers, eager and expressive performers and supportive to the needs of others when working as a team.


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