“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord”

– Colossians 3:23

Weekly Newsletter – Friday 3rd May 2019


Thank you to those children who have brought the filled smartie tubes back to school. If you still have one at home, please could you send it into school next week. Thank you for your support with this.

Reminder- Bikeability- Year 5

We are looking forward to the Year 5 children enjoying their ‘bikeability’ training next week. A polite reminder to remember your bicycles and helmets. 

Church Flower Festival- competition – thank you to those parents who have already replied.

The children of Lower Peover have been invited to join in a competition to fill a wellie or fill a pot, or any suitable container with flowers to line the church footpath. Please could your entries be in school by Wednesday 3rd July. There will be a prize for one child in each class. We are looking forward to receiving your wonderful creations.

Please could you email admin@lowerpeover.cheshire.sch.uk if you would like to enter the competition, so we have a record of how many wellies/pots etc to expect. Thank you!

External Music Lessons

External music lessons have been postponed for SATS week (13th May – 17th May) as all school bases are needed to implement SATS.  

From September 2019, we ask that children only have lessons on one instrument, in school, as more than one lesson has an effect on curriculum coverage and progress. Thank you.

Knutsford Lions Poetry Competition

On Tuesday evening it was the presentation for the winning poems entered for the Knutsford poetry competition. Over 500 poems were submitted by eight local primary schools. The judges consisted of the Knutsford mayor, a poet and a local author. We are so pleased to announce the Lucy Burgoyne in Year 2 won the KS1 category. Lucy received a gift voucher and a certificate, presented by the judges. She then read out her winning poem beautifully to the audience. Well done Lucy! 

Congratulations to Lily Jukes in Year 4 and Cara Chaplin in Year 3, whose poems were chosen to be read out and were commended by the judges. The girls received books and certificates for their poetry. There were some incredible poems read on the night which truly showed the literary talent of children in our local area.

Thank you to the 25 children that submitted poems for the competition back in October, and we will look forward to participating again next year where I hope we can submit many more to show off our brilliant writers at Lower Peover, and perhaps win the overall winning school prize…

Here are the three winning poems from the children, including Lucy’s 1st place poem:

The Poppies of War (Haiku) by Cara Chaplin 

Wild, red poppies sway,

Like a ballerina’s skirt

Reminder of war.

Weather Senses by Lucy Burgoyne 

Look at the sunrise
Look at the sun shining in the sky
Look at the darkness
Look at the stars sparkling up high

Feel the air
Feel the breeze blowing on my face
Feel the rain
Feel the rain dropping out of space

Hear the thunder
Hear the crashing and banging sound
Hear the wind
Hear the swishing wind blowing leaves all around

Smell the rain
Smell the water falling on a summers day
Smell the sun
Smell the sun burning down on the hay

Taste the ice cream
Taste the cold ice cream while paddling in the shimmering sea
Taste the mince pie
Taste the warm mince pie and rub your hands with glee

Seasonal Mix Up by Lily Jukes 

Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring,

I don’t know which order they’re in.

Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn,

Why is it that I can’t sort them?

 Spring is the time when the flowers

start dying,

When the birds start singing

And the snow keeps drifting.

Spring is the time when the breeze gets freezing,

And the leaves start flowering.

Autumn is the season when the trees are bare,

When the children start playing,

When the cars need scraping.

Autumn is the season when flowers start blooming,

When it’s cold as a freezer,

And you wear sunglasses.

Summer is the time when you need a coat,

When Christmas comes and the dark clouds float.

Summer is the time when it rains all day,

When the bears hibernate,

When snowmen you make.

Why did I not see it all before?

The seasons altogether spell SAWS!

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,

This is how the seasons swing!

Class Dojo Masters

  • Reception: Leo
  • Year 1: Hayden
  • Year 2: George/ Lucy
  • Year 3: Elle
  • Year 4: Kitty/Elliot
  • Year 5: Scarlet
  • Year 6: Jenson

The winning team this week is Peake (green team) with 500 dojo points.

I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

Sharon Dean


Dates for Summer Term until 24th May

  • Whole of May: Key Stage 1 SATS are implemented.
  • 7th– 10th May: Bikeability for Year 5
  • Wednesday 8th May: Year 4 parents to eat with children
  • Thursday 9th May: Year 3 to Gadbrook Park- Barclays lifestyle event
  • 13th– 16th May: Year 6 SATS
  • Tuesday 21st May: Sports Day KS1 9.15, KS2 1pm
  • 23rd-24th May: Year 6 trip to London with Mr. Haslam, Mr Bradley, Mrs Lamb and Miss Tinker
  • Friday 24th May: Break up

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